My friends’ friends are friends of mine!

Miss W presents you the NatureCos FRIENDS network!!


This logo to guide you!

When you are shopping, this logo will appear near the brands that are members of our network.

What’s that?

It is a group of brands sharing the same values and affinities as Miss W. Thanks to them, we are more and more to offer high end and respectful cosmetic products, from the latest trends!

You will soon enjoy these advantages:


    I order brand products that share my values.


    If I choose the « Single Account » option while creating my user account on one of the shops that belong to the NC Friends Network, I will benefit from a unified management of my account:

    1 username / 1 password for all the NC Friends shops! That’s all!


    If I opted for the « Single Account », I can go from one partner shop to one another with just one cart! Better: I can consult my orders, invoices… in all the shops from any website! Practical, isn’it?


    Still with this « Single Account » option, I pay the shipping costs just once, even if there are products from many partner shops in my cart!!!