New products, new colors, textures, we constantly seek to be closer to the trends!

We have designed a makeup product range to provide the best answer combining aesthetic, health and environmental friendliness.

With organic products, it is perfectly possible to meet the quality, application and result requirements in the same way as the biggest professional brands.

Our formulas are very rich in pigments of vegetable or mineral origin which give our products an incomparable long lasting.

In addition, as you need just a few products you save money!

voici quelques produits miss w


We have designed for our customers an innovative, original and trendy makeup range.
Miss W combines natural and organic compositions with respect for quality, the person and the environment.

Miss W is a brand of the Nature.cos group, whose products are virtually all certified by ECOCERT or QUALITE FRANCE.

Our range is composed of plant ingredients from Organic Farming which give our products an exceptional efficiency.
Indeed, the « organic » active ingredients that we use have benefited from special care, from an environment without chemical fertilizers with space to grow and time to mature.
They were grown on managed, controlled and respected land.
All this allows us to offer you trendy, efficient and healthy products.

The products are designed in our Research and Development laboratory with uncompromising quality and efficiency as an objective.

For us, this means that we are always looking to design trendy and affordable products for  optimal results.

Each season, we create for you a new collection offering a path-breaking universe! For professionals, it is the insurance to revitalize your point of sale, to develop your turnover and to propose colors and textures in the current trend. It is also sometimes the opportunity to create products with customized packaging in limited series.

Organic Farming is a mode of production respectful of nature offering better quality products. By using ingredients from organic farming, we guarantee the respect and retention of quality of water, land and air, we also respect the aquatic fauna and the whole terrestrial ecosystem. For the sake of good waste management, our packaging are as far as possible designed in recycled and/or recyclable materials.


We wish to offer you products that are different from those of conventional cosmetics, natural and ecological products that consist of ingredients from organic farming more respectful of nature and human being and also more efficient. You will find the logos on our packaging.

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Do you know that the formulas of your makeup products can contain skin-friendly active ingredients?

This is the case at Miss W!

We are constantly searching to prove to the consumer, whatever their budget, that makeup can be glamorous and healthy without contradiction.

Why choosing products that have no cosmetic interest or even worse, being made up of controversial chemical and petrochemical ingredients that sometimes represent proven risks to your health? Nothing binds you to do so and at Miss W we have understood it. We believe that behind every beauty there is health and, therefore, we give it all the respect it deserves because we owe it to life.

For that, we choose ingredients from organic farming composed of active ingredients that are recognized and used for hundreds of years for their moisturising, softening, nourishing properties,… such as shea butter, olive oil, castor oil or sesame oil and many others.  As far as possible also, our formulas are 100% natural or free of ingredients derived from animal materials such as beeswax.

This quality allows you, customer, to enjoy trendy products with the colors of the season and of excellent quality in terms of composition. Moreover, for purpose of overall consistency, we use packaging and displays that are eco-designed with recyclable materials or from recycling such as cardboard, plastic or metal.

The formulas of our products are developed by our Research and Development laboratory under the supervision of a cosmetic chemist of over 25 years of experience.

The choice of our raw materials is made with the utmost rigor:

  • place of production
  • quality of production
  • Ecocert certification of the ingredients
  • cosmetic qualities of the ingrdients

This combination of ingredients and pigments gives our products a cocktail of active ingredients whose effectiveness brings comfort and well being to the skin, in addition to the aesthetic effect of the makeup, so why do without it!

In order to be more innovative, we offer you 2 annual collections as well as many new items throughout the year.

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